Build It and They Will Come:
A Sporting Commercial Model For the Digital Age

This is the digital age.

All around us, new businesses are launching and achieving rapid adoption, revenue growth and profit.

These businesses are built for the digital age, harnessing technology, based on data. They are agile and have dynamic, scalable and exponential business models.

Now is the time for the sports industry to understand what all of this means for its current analogue, linear and mostly inelastic business model.

"Digital" represents a massive opportunity for sport to develop new revenue streams, offer more value to sponsors and build customer lifetime value.

This is not the time for a digital strategy, we need a strategy for the digital age.

What the whitepaper will include

  • Understanding “Digital”, “Generation C” and Technology and what it means for the future of your business

  • Why Marketing is Your Most Powerful Commercial Tool

  • Unlocking the Digital Sponsorship Key


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